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Healthcare in the News: Battling Opiates, Health Extension, And Utz's New Clinic

The point of healthcare, in its most basic form, is to keep us alive and functioning. But we know that it can be so much more than that. The evolution of the...

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Healthcare And Your Bottom Line: Be A Destination Employer

Employers spend huge sums every year on employee turnover, recruiting, and retention at even the most well-known corporations. In fact, the average cost per...

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City of Everett Opens Vera Whole Health Care Center

Beginning in early 2020, City of Everett employees will have a new care center serving their health needs and those of their families.

The city is partnering...

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New Ebook: Advanced Primary Care — The Front Line Of A Health Revolution

If you’re at all familiar with Vera, you’ve probably heard us talking about advanced primary care. It’s essential to our healthcare model, and we believe it’s...

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Mobile Clinics: How They Fit Into The Future Of Healthcare

It can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. With work, family, and social obligations, many people find it difficult to prioritize their...

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A Single Point of Care Is Key To Managing Population Health

The current healthcare system often makes it difficult to treat real issues. In a single day, a primary care provider sees dozens of patients during very brief...

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Healthcare In The News: Sleep, Stress, And The Cost Of Drug Prices

As every healthcare provider knows, becoming and staying healthy takes more than regular exercise a balanced diet. Often, it requires an in-depth look at a...

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How To Communicate With Your Employees About Their New Clinic

Improving healthcare for your employees is an exciting accomplishment that delivers impressive long-term returns in both overall costs and health outcomes....

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Premera, Vera Collaboration Improves Patient Access And Experience

Vera Whole Health is bringing its advanced primary care model to a collaboration with Premera Blue Cross to address the shortage of primary care providers in...

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Vera Patient Testimonial: “This Experience Has Changed My Life”

Elizabeth has always led an active life. Living in northern Arizona, surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful trails, physical activity is core to who...

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Bringing Behavioral Health Into An Onsite Clinic

Better healthcare treats people, not just symptoms. Often, that means finding ways to address nonmedical factors: things that aren’t strictly physical or...

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How Vera Integrates Health Coaching With Primary Care

Health coaching, with the right people, training, and application, can be a tremendous asset that complements primary care and helps to increase positive...